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Carrier Requirements

Tri-Star requires the following documents from all partner carriers.

  • Cargo Insurance of $150,000.00 with Tri-Star named as an additional insured
  • Valid WSIB clearance certificate
  • All pertinent running authorities
  • 24 hour dispatch contact number

Our Carriers

Tri-Star is committed to working with the highest quality partners and service providers in the industry. Our large and growing sales staff contact numerous shippers every day and are continually sourcing out new opportunities that will result in a need for more capacity. We will work with you to offer fair paying freight on the lanes you prefer and also offer chances to expand into new lanes whenever possible. We offer EFT payment and preferred status for partners that meet and or exceed expectations. We also offer 24 hour quick pay at a reasonable rate. Please ask our operations representatives about these programs and or how to become a Tri-Star partner.